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Environmental Issues in
Livestock Production
Home Study Series

The Environmental Issues in Livestock Production home study series was developed for livestock producers, educators, students, and others seeking to better understand potential air and water quality impacts of animal agriculture, and to learn more about management practices that can minimize these impacts. Click on the links below to browse the content of the homestudy modules.

Modules in the series include:

Browser Content

Download Printable File*1

Download Presentation File**1

Open Feedlot Runoff

PDF file - Open Feedlot Runoff

Presentation - Open Feedlot Runoff

Odor Assessment and Control

PDF file - Odor Assessment and Control

Presentation - Odor Assessment and Control

Manure Application

PDF File - Manure Application

Presentation - Manure Application

Manure Treatment

PDF File - Manure Treatment

Presentation - Manure Treatment

*If you would like to download and print formatted copies of the home study modules, click on the PDF icon.

**PDF presentation graphics files suitable for use in the classroom or meetings are available here, click on the PDF icon.

1If you're not familiar with Adobe PDF files, click on the "Get Acrobat Reader" button to learn about and download the free Adobe Acrobat software that will allow you to view and print PDF files. NOTE: For best results, please use Acrobat Reader version 3.0 or later. Older versions may not print the Environmental Issues in Livestock Production PDF files correctly.

Environmental Issues in Livestock Production was developed through an Iowa State University Extension grant, and is part of the Livestock Industry Facilities & Environment (LIFE) project of the Department of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering. Project team members include the module authors: Dr. Mark Hanna, Dr. Jay Harmon, Dr. Jeffery Lorimor; and project coordinator Dr. Tom Glanville.

Although this series first developed in 1998 the authors have reviewed the content of the study modules as of 10/05 and believe their contents to still be accurate and useful.

revised: 10/31/05


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