Jacek Koziel, assoc. prof.

Air quality engineering and livestock odor

 Dept. of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering; Dept. of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering; Food Sciences and Human Nutrition,

Iowa State University

3202 National Swine Research and Information Center,

2150 University Drive, Ames, IA 50011 (directions)

Phone: 515-294-4206, koziel@iastate.edu

 Atmospheric Air Quality Laboratory







Postdoctoral Fellowship in Analytical Chemistry

Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (Air Resources Program)

M.S. in Environmental Quality Engineering

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering

University of Waterloo - Canada

University of Texas - Austin

University of Alaska - Anchorage

Politechnika Warszawska - Poland

ISU President Gregory Geoffroy analyzes an air sample at ISU's Atmospheric Air Quality Laboratory

        Feature profile article in Nature (2008, 455, 726-728) - What is that smell?

        Article on Lady Beetles in National Geographic (9/2007)

          Interview in Scientific American (3/2009) on "Why study pig odor?"

        Feature article in INNOVATE Online (2010) - Down from the Mountaintop 


Recent journal publications:
  • Li, H., H. Xin, R. T. Burns, L. D. Jacobson, S. Noll, S. J. Hoff, J. D. Harmon, J. A. Koziel, I. Hetchler. 2011. Air emissions from tom and hen turkey houses in the U.S. Midwest.  Transactions of ASABE, in press.
  • Kenessov, B., Y. Sailaukhanuly, J.A. Koziel, L. Carlsen, M. Nauryzbayev. 2011. GC-MS and GC-NPD determination of formaldehyde dimethylhydrazone in water using solid phase microextraction, Chromatographia, 73, 123-128.
  • Akdeniz, N., J.A. Koziel, T.D. Glanville, H-K Ahn, B.P. Crawford. 2011. Air sampling methods for VOCs related to field-scale biosecure swine mortality composting. Bioresource Technology, 102, 3599-3602.
  • Parker, D.B., Z. L. Perschbacher-Buser, N. A. Cole, M, J. A. Koziel. 2010.  Recovery of agricultural odors and odorous compounds from polyvinyl fluoride film bags.  Sensors, 10, 8536-8552.
  • Akdeniz, N., J.A. Koziel, H-K Ahn, T.D. Glanville, B.P. Crawford. 2010. Field scale evaluation of volatile organic compound production inside biosecure swine mortality composts. Waste Management, 30, 1981-1988.
  • Kenessov, B., J.A. Koziel, T. Grotenhuis, L. Carlsen.  2010. Screening of transformation products in soils contaminated with unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine using headspace SPME and GC-MS. Analytica Chimica Acta, 674, 32-39. 

  • Zhang, S., L. Cai, J.A. Koziel, S. Hoff, D. Schmidt, C. Clanton, L. Jacobson, D. Parker, A. Heber. 2010. Field air sampling and simultaneous chemical and sensory analysis of livestock odorants with sorbent tube GC-MS/Olfactometry. Sensors and Actuators: B. Chemical, 146, 427-432
  • Li, L., M. Fan, R.C. Brown, J.A. Koziel, J(Hans) van Leeuwen. 2010. The kinetics of SO2 scrubbing with fly ash slurry with concomitant production of a useful wastewater coagulant. Journal of Environmental Engineering, 136, 308-315.
  • Akdeniz, N., J.A. Koziel, H.K Ahn, T. Glanville, B. Crawford, R.D. Raman. 2010. Laboratory scale evaluation of volatile organic compound emissions as indication of swine carcass degradation inside biosecure composting units.  Bioresource Technology, 101, 71-78.
  • van Leeuwen, J.H., A. Sridhar, M. Esplugas, S. Onuki, L. Cai, and J.A. Koziel. 2009. Ozonation within an activated sludge system for azo dye removal by partial oxidation and biodegradation.  Ozone-Science & Engineering, 31(4), 279-286.
  • Akdeniz, N., J.A. Koziel, H.K Ahn, T. Glanville, B. Crawford, R.D. Raman. 2009. Air sampling and analysis method for VOCs in field-scale mortality composting operations. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 57, 5658-5664.
  • Koziel, J.A., S.H. Haddadi, W. Koch, J. Pawliszyn. 2009. Sampling and analysis of nanoparticles with cold SPME fibre.  Journal of Separation Science, 32, 1975-1980
  • Cai, L., J.A. Koziel, M. Dharmadhikari, J(Hans) van Leeuwen. 2009. Rapid determination of trans-resveratrol in red wine by solid-phase microextraction with on-fiber derivatization and multidimensional gas chromatography - mass spectrometry. Journal of Chromatography A, 1216, 281-287.
  • van Leeuwen, J.H., A. Sridhar, A.K. Harrata, M. Esplugas, S. Onuki, L. Cai, and J.A. Koziel. 2009. Improving the biodegradation of organic pollutants with ozonation during biological wastewater treatment.  Ozone-Science & Engineering, 31(2), 63-70.

  • Li L, M. Fan, R.C. Brown., J.A. Koziel., J(Hans) van Leeuwen. 2009.  Production of a new wastewater treatment coagulant from fly ash with concomitant flue gas scrubbing. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 162, 1430-1437

  •  Chen, L., S. Hoff, L. Cai, J.A. Koziel, B. Zelle. 2009. Evaluation of wood chip-based biofilters to reduce odor, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia from swine barn ventilation air. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 59, 520-530.

  • Hoff, S.J., D.S. Bundy, M.A. Nelson, B.C. Zelle, L.D. Jacobson, A.J. Heber, J.Q. Ni, Y. Zhang, J.A. Koziel, D.B. Beasley. 2009.  Real-time ventilation measurements from mechanically ventilated livestock buildings for emission rate estimations.  Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 59(6), 683-694. 

  • Chen, L., S.J. Hoff, J.A. Koziel, L. Cai, B. Zelle, G. Sun.  2008. Performance evaluation of a woodchip-based biofilter using solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry-olfactometry.  Bioresource Technology, 99, 7763-7780. 
  • Laor, Y., J.A. Koziel, L. Cai, U. Ravid. 2008. Enhanced characterization of dairy manure odor by time-increased headspace solid phase microextraction and multidimensional gas chromatography–mass spectrometry-olfactometry. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 58, 1187-1197.
  • Li L, M. Fan, R.C. Brown., J.A. Koziel., J(Hans) van Leeuwen. 2008. Reduction of SO2 in flue gas and applications of fly ash: a review. PowerPlant Chemistry, 10(5), 290-301. 

  • Jacobson, L.D., B.P. Hetchler, D.R. Schmidt, R.E. Nicolai, A.J. Heber, J. Ni, S.J., Hoff, J.A. Koziel, D.B. Parker, Y. Zhang,  D.B. Beasley. 2008. Quality Assured Measurements of Animal Building Emissions: Part 3 -Odor Concentrations: Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 58, 806-811.
  • Suna, H., S. Trabue, K. Scoggin, W. Jackson., Y. Pan, Y. Zhao, J.A. Koziel, and F. Mitloehner. 2008. Alcohol, volatile fatty acid, phenol, and methane emissions from dairy cows and fresh waste. Journal of Environmental Quality, 37(2), 615-622.
  • Lo, Y.C., J.A. Koziel, L. Cai, S.J. Hoff, W.S. Jenks, H. Xin. 2008. Simultaneous chemical and sensory characterization of VOCs and semi-VOCs emitted from swine manure using SPME and multidimensional gas chromatography-mass spectrometry-olfactometry system. Journal of Environmental Quality, 37(2), 521-534.

  • Research themes/projects:
  • quantification of emissions of VOCs, odor, NH3, H2S, and PM from livestock operations

  • chemical and sensory analysis of odors from confined animal feeding operations using solid phase microextraction - multidimensional gas chromatography – mass spectrometry – olfactometry (SPME-GC-MS-O)

  • development and testing of odor control technologies

  • environmental analysis, indoor air quality

  • biotechnology, ethanol, aflatoxins, kairomones

  • wine, coffee, flavor, aroma, neutraceuticals, trans-resveratrol

  • nanoparticles

  • novel chemical analyses of biofuels

  • chemical 'fingerprints' of lions, tigers, and snow leopards

  • advanced oxidation

My co-workers:
          Lingshuang Cai  (associate scientist), lscai@iastate.edu  

               Lam Nguyen, Simone Soso, Xiuyan Yang, Patrick Woolcock (Ph.D.)    

               Somchai Rice, Wenda Zhu (M.S.)



       CE/AE/ES 524 Air Pollution (with Dr. van Leeuwen and Dr. Hallmark)

       TSM 327 Animal Production Systems

       ENGr 160 Engineering Problems and Computations Laboratory

       HON 290H Special Problems Honors

       TOX 501 Principles of Toxicology (with 11 other faculty)

       TOX 502 Toxicology Methods (with 11 other faculty) 



       Graduate Program in Toxicology

       Graduate Program in Environmental Science

       Institute for Food Safety and Security

       Center for Building Energy Research 

      Center for Crop Utilization Research 

      Office of Biorenewables Program    

       Atmospheric Air Quality Laboratory  
          2010 - Mid-Career Achievement in Research Award, College or Agriculture and Life Sciences, Iowa State University.
        2009 - Wolfgang Göpel Memorial Award, sponsored by the Göpel family and the Institute of Physical  Chemistry (University of Tübingen, Germany) for the best presentation at the 2009 International Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Nose, Brescia, Italy.  
       2008 - Wakonse Fellowship

       2007 - American Academy of Environmental Engineers.  Grand Prize for University Research (with Dr. van Leeuwen, Dr. Cai and Mr. Onuki).     

       2006 - ASABE Honorable Mention Paper Award (D. Parker, M. Rhoades, G. Schuster, J. Koziel, Z.  Perschbacher-Buser), Transactions of ASAE, 2005, 48:1527-1535.

       2006 - Award for Excellence in Honors Mentoring and Advising, ISU.

       2003 - Agricultural Engineer of the Year, Texas Section, American Society of Agric. Engineers


       American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

       American Chemical Society

       Air & Waste Management Association

       Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society

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