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Object Tracking

Augmented reality relies on object tracking which means in this context to be able to identify a physical object and to follow its position and orientation with respect to a camera.

Natural Feature Tracking

Natural feature tracking (NFT) is an object tracking method that utilizes natural interest points of an object to track, such as texture-patches, edges, color blobs, etc.


AR for Physics Education - The Augmented Reality Physics Experiments Toolbox

The ARLab works with the John F. Kennedy High School teacher Leif Segen to transfer the AR technology into the classroom. We believe that students gain a better understand of, for instance, the  physics of light, when AR visualize light rays, etc.  Therefore, we started to develop a mobile AR application that challenges students with different tasks; it is a supplement to the regular classroom instructions. [read more]

AR-assisted Assembly

Manual assembly is a procedural task, and assembly assistance incorporates all means that can be used to explain the assembly steps, to indicate parts that need to be assembled, and to describe the usage of tools.


The AugmenTable is an augmented reality (AR) workstation that we use to investigate natural visual perception for monocular AR displays.

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The Augmented Reality Lab explores the augmented reality (AR) technology and its capabilities for engineering applications.

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